STAUNCH vs Pilot Beer : Wave Slider Staunch teamed up with Patrick Jones and Matt Johnson from Pilot beer Leith. Edinburgh’s greatest new brewery, behind the rolling shutters of an unassuming garage door, there is magic happening. These guys are the real deal.. hands on and up to the elbows in it, they knew from the outset that there was something different that could be done in the craft beer world they meet each other while studying at Heriot-Watt’s Brewing and Distilling Masters course and it just clicked for them, before they new it they were off and brewing. They literally built their brewery from the ground up moving all of their brew kit in themselves on a mattress on the back of a lorry, doing all the brewing, recipe writing, bottling and labelling themselves by hand. Not taking the easy road runs through everything they do that’s why they are a perfect match for us.. We wanted to make a beer to celebrate the launch of our new website, our collection and the making of our hand plane. After a few emails meetings chats tastings the recipe was nailed and the boys went off to their old fashioned style mash tun and kettle with beautiful outer cladding indicating that quality is of the highest order for these guys when it comes to making beer. It was our job to come up with the name and label for the 330ml bottle. A good few weeks later she was born the knock on the door and a brown box was handed over and there inside was the wonderful fresh unfiltered Wave Slider this is a truly awesome beer a limited edition of their Blond flagship oatmeal pale ale. Read more in our Journal page or you can purchase the Limited edition Waveslider pack at our shop. For more information, please check out our website.

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